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Every day our bodies are challenged by stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and physical exertion. These issues can negatively affect our health and wellness. To help combat these effects, our bodies produce a molecule called glutathione (GSH).

Cellgevity, Precursor of Glutathione is Fundamental to Our Physical Well-being

Glutathione is the primary protector of our cells. It recycles and helps restore other anti-oxidants, earning it the title of Master Antioxidant. It is the first line of defense against our cells’ most violent attackers, namely free radicals, chemical toxins, radiation and heavy metals that enter our bodies through the environment and the foods and liquids we consume. As the subject of over 100,000 peer-reviewed studies cited in, the importance of glutathione cannot be understated.

Our Glutathione Levels are Decreasing. Unfortunately, our glutathione levels are depleted as we age. The older we get, the harder it is to maintain optimum glutathione levels. This means our cells don’t work as well and our overall health and wellness pay the price.

Restore Your Body’s Glutathione Production by Supplementation

Our bodies don’t have to fight on their own. Certain vitamins and nutrients have been shown to assist in glutathione function and production. The key is finding ways to effectively support our bodies’ glutathione levels. Unfortunately, we can’t just take glutathione; we need to find ways to help our bodies produce it naturally. Max’s proprietary RiboCeine™ technology is the solution for effective supplementation for optimal glutathione production.


Glutathione helps boost the body’s immune system, protects the cells and tissues of the body’s vital organs. It also helps detoxify the body’s organs from drugs, pollutants and harmful compounds. Deficiency of glutathione may cause cell damage, coordination problems, mental disorders, nervous system disorders, blood related disorders and tissue damage or degeneration.

It has been tried on a wide range of diseases and conditions which include high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, heart diseases and even cancer. Studies conducted on cancer have yielded promising results with one particular study on women with ovarian cancer who were given glutathione intravenously. They not only better survival rates, but also had fewer adverse effects from chemotherapy.

It is also used for beautification as it is considered the master anti-oxidant, fighting free radicals that are responsible in the human aging process. Decline of glutathione in the intracellular fluid of the body correlates directly with indicators of aging.

Doctors everywhere are no doubt familiar with this. Here are few of physicians and researchers backing glutathione science.

DR. ROBERT H. KELLER was a pioneer in glutathione research and served on the scientific review panels for the National Institute of Health and the VA. Dr. Keller says he had variety of patients who suffered from low energy and lack of mental focus and have used glutathione supplement, have found improvement in their health vitality.

“I can only say this from the bottom of my heart and from everything I’ve learned in medicine and science over the last 30 years: We are all subject to aging and one of the key elements that we have the ability to control, we meaning each and everyone of us, is the ability to stop the inevitable rusting taht goes in our bodies.”

DR. HERBERT T. NAGASAWA has long been regarded as one of the world’s leading research scientists on cellular function,of glutathione and the chemistry and delivery of Glutathione.

“Categorically and without any equivocation whatsoever, I can tell you that glutathione is the most important endogenous antioxidant there is. For one thing it is manufactured by your own body. Secondly… it is the only antioxidant that can recycle itself. No other antioxidant can do that.”

DR. DON COLBERT is renowned in expert in anti-aging, preventive and integrative medicine.

“Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body, the most important antioxidant in the body for our cells and tissues to be healthy we need glutathione levels and I actually measure Glutathione levels in a lot of my patients and I find when I can boost those levels up to a normal or high normal level, it helps so many different disease processes.

Also what glutathione does it detoxifies heavy metals and everyone on the planet has these toxic heavy metals in them. I find the sicker the patient, generally the more toxic metals and glutathione actually gently detoxifies the body of these heavy metals including Mercury, Cadmium and Lead which are three of the most common heavy metals we have as well as other toxic metals.

It’s interesting to that glutathione also helps increase longevity. They’ve done centenarian studies on patients who live to be over a hundred and they found a lot of these centenarians actually have the glutathione levels of a 30 to 50 year old. So they are linking high glutathione levels to longevity.”

DR MARK HYMAN is a practicing physician and an internationally recognized authority in the field of functional medicine.

“It’s the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s diseases.

In treating chronically ill patients with Functional Medicine for more than 10 years, I have discovered that Glutathione deficiency is found in nearly all very ill patients. These include people with chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, liver disease and more.

Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system. All the toxins stick onto glutathione, which then carries them into the bile and the stool and out of your body.”

DR. DAVID KATZ is the founding director of the Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

“Glutathione is really the most important antioxidant. It is the one body relies on the clean up critical toxins. It’s being manufactured all the time in the body. The body makes critical use of this glutathione to defend us against a variety of toxins.

If you have chronic disease, most serious chronic are associated with low level of Glutathione. If you have diabetes, if you have gone through cancer, if you’re struggling with a serious infection that may indicate that you are depleting your Glutathione.”


Glutathione, by itself, has no reported side effects. However, intravenous glutathione may interact with certain drugs used for chemotherapy. Glutathione lowers the neurological and renal toxicity of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin. Combining glutathione with other chemotherapy drugs such as cyclophosphamide and bleomycin reduces their harmful side effects. Intravenous glutathione when administered just before the chemotherapy session begins, may enhance the healing effects of these chemotherapy medications.

Glutathione therapy or supplementation may be intravenous, oral or sublingual. Intravenous is the most effective route for faster absorption. The second best route is the sublingual or under the tongue. The tongue is highly vascular, meaning the substance (glutathione) passes through the blood vessels going to the blood stream. According to medical studies, it is five (5) times more potent than the oral glutathione. Lastly, oral glutathione are may be in the form of capsules or soft gels are taken orally and digested in the stomach. Taking glutathione as a supplement is virtually risk free. The benefits become significant when glutathione is taken intravenously.

GLUTATHIONE is the primary water-soluble anti-oxidant and able to restore Vitamin C to its usable form. It is boosted by lipoic acid which is another anti-oxidant.

NATURAL SOURCES of Glutathione include Milk thistle and cumin which contains silymarin; fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, potatoes, peppers, carrots, onion, broccoli, avocados, squash, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, apples, grapefruit, bananas and apples; animal products such as dairy products and eggs; foods with Selenium or Alpha Lipoic Acid like Brussel sprouts.


Glutathione is used for skin whitening as it helps regenerates cells and reduces production of the pigment melanin which is responsible for dark pigmentation of the skin, making it look fairer in the inner layer of the skin called dermis and the outer surface which is visible to our eyes is the epidermis.

The primary element that determines the color of human skin is the amount of melanin in the skin. And melanin is produced by a cell called melanocyte. In increased dose, glutathione helps whiten the skin by reducing melanocytes which then leads to reduction of melanin in the skin, making it look fairer. It takes a little time to see initial change in one’s skin tone. That’s because glutathione’s whitening process starts from inside the skin (dermal layer) going outward (epidermal layer). It is estimated that by taking 2 capsules of 1000mg glutathione per day, one can see the results in one month.


• Anti-viral
• Anti-bacterial
• Free radical fighter
• Cardiovascular support
• Immune system Enhancer
• Powerful antioxidant
• Prevents skin rashes, infections and wounds
• Anti-inflammatory
• Vasorelaxant

GLUTATHIONE has been the most popular product being used by local and international celebrity endorsers and cinema icons to enhance their beauty and appearance on screen.

International Athletes such as Chuck Norris, Greg Norman, Evander Holyfield, and Chris Mullin are also recommending glutathione.

Philippine Celebrities like Pauleen Luna, Carmina Villaroel, Andrew Wolfe, Albert Martinez, Jake Cuenca, Lani Mercado, Jennylyn Mercado, Valerie Concepcion, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Cory Quirino, Ruffa Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Kris Aquino, Maricar Reyes, Nancy Castiliogne, Francine Prieto, Gabby Concepcion, Valerie Concepcion, Sen. Loren Legarda, among others are using and endorsing some brands of glutathione.

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